About Motomachi

Brand Statement

Changing Stories with Authentic Spirit
As part of our focus on community development, we have introduced a new brand identity (community identity) for Motomachi Shopping Street. We’ve adopted the “challenge M” motto from the shield that is the Motomachi symbol to represent our bold spirit. We are committed to taking up the challenges involved in creating a new, innovative story based on our authentic spirit.

Throughout its history, Motomachi Shopping Street has endorsed a brand mission devoted to the authentic goods and hospitable service that only Yokohama Motomachi can provide.
Brand Concept
Changing Stories with Authentic Spirit
Brand Mission
1.We will establish shops that deliver originality and authenticity. 2.We will listen closely to customer feedback and work to build close ties of trust. 3.We will deliver high-quality Yamanote style and create a Motomachi fan base.
Charter of Town Management
1.Community planning that embraces the area’s history and culture 2.Community planning that is cultivated and dignified 3.Community planning that anticipates and prepares for the future