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Community Identity Project

Community Identity Project

The Motomachi Shopping Street developed naturally to serve the foreign residents living in the Yamate settlement that was established when the Port of Yokohama opened in 1859. Over time, Motomachi transformed from a row of small shops selling daily necessities into a fashionable shopping district. The Yokohama Motomachi Shopping Street Association was established in 1947 to unite the individual shops along the street, as well as to formulate a variety of community projects and create a unified image for Motomachi.
Moving into the 21st century, Motomachi Shopping Street is undergoing further development in anticipation of the new stations opening on the Minatomirai Line next spring.

Unifying the area’s image and building a stronger brand are important topics for developing business in a way that effectively and quickly meets varied and diversifying market needs. Toward this end, we have formulated the Motomachi Brand Statement to articulate the image we aspire to for our community, and we have designed a new brand logo that encapsulates our Brand Concept.

A brand is the image that a particular name evokes. It is a living thing and something to be nurtured and shaped.

The members of the Yokohama Motomachi Shopping Street Association understand how important it is that we truly understand our new brand statement, execute our daily responsibilities with care, and be always ready to take on new challenges in order to further evolve as a brand that delivers even more value to our customers. Combining our individual efforts for a unified whole, we will continue to create a Motomachi brand that is inspiring and engaging.

May 2003

Tatsuo Mito, Chairman
Ryoichi Takarada, Previous Chairman
Yokohama Motomachi Shopping Street Association

Community Identity Project Community Identity Project

The CI Project Team, led by a group of younger Motomachi Shopping Street representatives, was formed in July 2002. The team’s mission was to look closely at Motomachi’s community identity (CI) and develop plans for even better community building for the future.
The team’s first step was to discuss Motomachi Shopping Street’s strengths, the things we should preserve, and the things we should strive to improve. In these discussions, we identified what we take pride in, such as the fact that the Motomachi Shopping Street developed naturally and the features that keep us thriving today. Motomachi is an historical area with a long, proud tradition and offers delightful shopping under a beautiful blue sky.

We proposed a new brand concept for Motomachi Shopping Street: “Our spirit stays the same. Our story evolves.” This concept conveys our desire to preserve our long history of hospitable service and customer trust, while also being flexible enough to change with the times. Our new brand logo is designed to convey the traditions and character of our community, our relationships of trust with our customers, the beauty of the local environment, and the spirit with which we take on new challenges.

We collaborated with Landor Associates on this branding project. The world’s largest branding and design consultancy, Landor Associates has provided consulting services for more than 200 Japanese companies since opening their offices here in 1972. Major recent projects include JAL, Japan Post, ENEOS, and UFJ.

CI Project Team

Committee Chair:
Hiroshi Takarada (TAKARADA)
Shuhei Ishikawa (MINATOBAG), Naosato Ida (IDA Watch), Shin Kitamura (Kitamura), Kazuyuki Kimura (BOUTIQUE MINATO), Haruhiko Kunii (Yokohama Motomachi Shopping Street Association), Kotaro Tanaka (CHARMY TANAKA), Mitsuru Tsubosaki (MOTOMACHI AICHI-YA), Kumi Nagai (STAR JEWELRY), Yukio Hara (Rodeo Drive), Hikaru Yoshida (POMPADOUR), Wataru Yoshida (Le Beau), Kosuke Abe (FUKUZŌ), Mariko Kanasashi (KINMEIDO), Junji Nagai (STAR JEWELRY)