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Motomachi Community Planning—Official Rulebook Motomachi Community Planning—Official Rulebook

Charter of Yokohama Motomachi Town Management

Our Philosophy on Community Planning

Our Philosophy on Community Planning

Motomachi’s proud history of upholding its own traditions, while at the same time absorbing many other cultures, began with the opening of the Port of Yokohama. Recognizing the importance and value of this extraordinary environment, we are working on a new type of community planning that focuses on the balanced coexistence of residential and commercial interests. We are dedicated to developing a captivating community that is safe and comfortable for local residents, as well as inspiring and pleasant for those who visit.

Basic Community Planning Philosophy

Basic Community Planning Philosophy
1. Community planning that embraces the area’s history and culture
We will continue to preserve and nurture the history and culture of Motomachi, which has been shaped by the passion and hard work of our forerunners, and will work to create a community that embraces and builds upon these precious assets.
2. Community planning that is tasteful and dignified
As members of the community, we take pride in and responsibility for living, doing business, and working in Motomachi, respecting the rules and manners of the community as we do so. We strive to build a dignified community that respects both the individual and the harmony of the whole.
3. Community planning that anticipates and prepares for the future
We work to build a community that future generations can inherit and build upon, respecting the area’s traditions, while remaining open to new ideas that will spur further Motomachi growth and development.

Community Planning Agreement

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* The forms above are required when registering to sign onto the Motomachi Community Planning Agreement. (In the case of construction and renovation projects, the relevant blueprints are also required.)

Motomachi Community Planning Council Contact: Motomachi Community Planning Council Contact:

Inquiries regarding the Motomachi
Community Planning Agreement:
  • Motomachi Self-Government Administration Society
  • Address Address: 5-208, Motomachi, Naka-ku
  • TEL
  • FAX +81-45-681-8091
Inquiries regarding the Motomachi-dori Street Planning Agreement:
  • Motomachi Shopping Street Association
  • Address Address: Motomachi 1-14, Naka-ku
  • TEL
  • FAX +81-45-664-947
Inquiries regarding the Motomachi Nakadori Street Area Planning Agreement:
  • Motomachi Craftsmanship Street,
    Shopping District Promotion Association
  • Address Address: HS Building 204, 5-208, Motomachi,
  • TEL
  • FAX +81-45-663-1416