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The history of Motomachi Shopping Street goes way back at the time of the opening of Yokohama seaport in 1859 (6 Ansei.) That is to say Motomachi came into existence when Yokohama village was divided into two districts, a Japanese business district and a foreigners residential district, located on either side of Nippon Oo-dohri or Nippon Main Street. Thereafter, in January 1860 (1 Man-en,) ninety residents of Yokohama village were ordered to move out to a nearby village calledMotomura, and in the following February, "Motomura" was renamed to "Yokohama Motomachi."

The majority of the residents of Motomachi had been engaging in agriculture and fishery at the beginning. However, by the year around 1875 (7 Meiji,) quite a few number of foreigners began moving into Yamate residential district, consequently Motomachi Street became the street for these foreigners to commute daily from Yamate residential district to Kannai business district. Naturally, businesses targeted for these people had begun mushrooming outAs Junichiro Tanizaki, a Japanes well-known writer, depicted in his novel during the early Taishoh era, ".....flower shops, clothing stores, milliners, western furniture stores, bakeries, cafes and curiosity shops are all lined up to do business with them (the Westerners)" this exotic town had begun to form. One might say that Motomachi Shopping Street was created together with ,Bunmei Kaika" (Civilization and Enlightenment.)

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