Tourism Links

Tourism Portal Sites

  • The official website of the City of Yokohama, offering information on a diverse range of topics, including sights of interest and cultural activities in Yokohama

  • Provides extensive information on sightseeing and accommodations in the area

  • A web portal to comprehensive information on the Yokohama area (in Japanese only)

Retail Associations

Sightseeing Spots

  • Renovated and refurbished with more restaurants, a symbol of Yokohama and new place to relax and enjoy yourself

  • In addition to the schedule of events planned at the museum, the website also offers a document search function (in Japanese only)

  • Renowned for its Yamate Gaiety Hall, the museum features displays on the history of the hall and exhibits on the fashions of the time (in Japanese only).

  • Information on the latest events taking place on the NYK Hikawamaru (in Japanese only)

  • A museum of tin toys in Yamate. The Kitahara Collection is a must-see. Check the website for information on the exhibition of mechanized toys on the third floor of Yokohama Marine Tower, as well.

  • You are invited into a world of dolls created to take visitors on a “cruise that leaves the Port of Yokohama to travel the world of dolls” (in Japanese only).


  • A spectacular location with views of Yamashita Park and an inviting ocean breeze where you can also enjoy a panoramic view of the Port of Yokohama

  • An established hotel with a long history just off Yamashita Park; reservations available online

  • Located in Chinatown, a hotel with an irresistible range of elaborate hotel packages

  • Facing Yokohama Stadium, a great place to relax and unwind body and mind in a charming location and quiet, relaxed atmosphere (in Japanese only)

  • Featuring stunning views of the port, a convenient base from which to relax in tranquility in the bay city of Yokohama