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Understanding the importance of personal information, the Yokohama Motomachi Shopping Street Association complies with all laws and regulations regarding personal information and upholds the following privacy policy in order to protect this information and maintain the trust of our customers and members.

Handling of Personal Information

1.Basic policy on handling customers’ personal information
The association collects information from our customers only when necessary to provide our customers with the best service and information possible.
The information we collect is for purposes that are as limited as possible and is collected using appropriate and fair means.
2.Managing and protecting personal information
In managing the personal information of our customers, the association implements appropriate management practices and takes measures to prevent external leaks.
With regard to the danger of loss, destruction or manipulation of information posed by unauthorized access by outside parties, we implement an appropriate and reasonable level of safety measures to protect the personal information of our customers. Access to the personal information in the association’s database is restricted solely to those with access permission, and internal access is strictly supervised to ensure that unauthorized access to information does not occur.
3.Using personal information
Personal information collected by the association is used only when necessary and solely for the purpose for which it was collected, and great care is taken to ensure that our customers’ rights are not violated.
4.Providing personal information to third parties
The association does not disclose or provide the personal information of our customers to third parties, other than those contracted on behalf of the association, without the express consent of our customers. However, we will disclose or provide personal information to these bodies without the express consent of our customers when required by law to disclose this information or called upon by the courts, police, or other official bodies to do so.
5.Internal systems
The association works to protect the personal information of our customers by implementing internal rules and regulations regarding the protection of personal information based on our privacy policy and by providing our officers and staff with a clear policy on the handling of personal information. In addition, we have an internal system in place to inspect and determine whether personal information is protected. Each aspect of the system is reviewed periodically and improvements are made as deemed necessary.


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